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Why Preschool Education is Important

Much has been said recently about the importance of preschool education – by governments, educational organizations and of course the media. But why is it so important?

First the basics

Firstly, the preschool years fall into the so-called formative years. It has been shown that up to the age of 7, children absorb information up to 10 times faster than they do thereafter. Like sponges, they soak up everything they are exposed to, storing it for future use. What better time to teach them the basic skills they will need throughout their lives than when they are able to learn it so easily?

Those basic skills include writing, reading, counting, simple mathematics and general knowledge about the world around them. It also includes learning about art and crafts, constructing things and creating beauty. Physical abilities are also based in basic skills – throwing, catching, kicking, running, jumping and hopping form the basis of most movements used in sports as well as in manual labor.

Formal schooling is designed to build on these basic skills, going into more depth and complexity as children get older and are better able to grasp more complicated concepts. The basics, however, are always needed, no matter what career you choose.

Preparing for school

Providing your child with the basic skills the need to start school helps them cope with their new environment. If statutory schooling is your child’s first encounter with any form of schooling, they have a lot to get used to. A large group of children, sharing the attention of one teacher is a big change from mum’s constant attention, shared with no more than a few siblings. Sitting in a classroom will be a new, often intimidating experience. Speaking to relative strangers such as teachers and new classmates brings its own set of challenges. There’s a new routine to get used to, and of course the absence of familiar faces and places doesn’t help. With some preschool education behind them, your child can at least feel confident that they will be familiar with the school work.

Some form of preschool education, whether at a pre-school or at home, will have taught your child to sit at a table or desk and complete the task they are given. They will be familiar with the work they are likely to get at school, and able to grasp new concepts better than those without any preschool education.

Get involved

Studies have shown that children whose parents are involved in their education perform better at school, more likely to progress to tertiary education, achieve higher grades and fare better in the job market. That involvement can take the form of teaching your child the basics before they start school, helping them practice and learn their work at school, or taking an interest in what they are doing at school. Whether that involvement starts with preschool education is up to you.

Liz Allan



"My son Blair had an exceptional start in his primary and higher education which I soundly believe was due to his preschool grounding with Liz Allan's workbooks. He has now applied at university to become a veterinary surgeon and has been accepted."
Alison Cowie
Parent - Scotland


"The author of the pre-school books has been a positive influence in the lives of numerous individuals known to me. She taught my brother, my cousins children and my own son. The children in her care seem to learn various skills, such as mathematics, spelling, reading, fine and gross motor control, and general knowledge, to name a few, at a very fast rate. The author is able to assist young children in conceptualising and integrating themes and ideas vital for later school success. She has a way of making learning a fun experience for young children. Her vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the development of young children and teaching techniques is evident in the success of the children in her care over many years. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a pre-school teacher, as well as support any educational material that she creates."
Dr Natascha Pfeifer - PSYCHOLOGIST


"I arrived at Liz's pre-school when I was only 3 years old, now being a 20 year old Student Athlete studying at Wright State University in Dayton Ohio on a full scholarship, I have to attribute my success to this fantastic lady. Not only did her workbooks provide the foundation for my education but also sculpted the person I am today both in my morals and beliefs. Her constant motivation pushed me to higher levels in my sport( represented South Africa internationally in swimming). I strongly believe that I would not be in my current position in life if it were not for me having the privilege of being mentored by this remarkable person."
Davon Peffer
Student - USA


"Travelling for 40 kilometres every day for 8 years for my children to be with Liz was well worth the effort. Both my children have excelled in academics with awards in primary school, thanks mainly to the tuition Liz provided with her comprehensive worksheets. Without their excellent start with Liz, I am sure I would not be the proud mother of such clever, happy and successful children today."
Angela Warren
Parent - South Africa
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